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Founder and creative director of the brand, Pauline Sampieri began her career in 2016 working for a prestigious jewelry House and then alongside an independent designer recognized in the high jewelry field.

Passionate and on a quest for excellence, Pauline then joined a workshop manufacturing for Houses on the Place Vendôme. It was in this inspiring environment that she developed her skills and honed her artistic eye, learning the complex processes involved in creating jewelry pieces.

Her love of precious stones led her to pursue her apprenticeship by obtaining gemology certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and stones  trading diploma from the Rapaport Academy, making her a diamond expert.


After cultivating her savoir-faire, Pauline Sampieri started out as an independent designer, creating bespoke jewelry pieces for private customers.

This led to the desire to create her own brand, combining her two passions: "I've always been very inspired by the aesthetics of fashion photography, and I wanted my brand and my jewelry to embody this encounter between the precision of jewelry-making and visual art."

In 2021, she launched her first collection: "Isula reflects a vision of jewelry that can be worn every day and that allows us to affirm a profound part of ourselves. Each piece tells a story of boundless elegance and audacity. I created this collection with the idea that everyone can make it their own by creating their own codes."


Deeply attached to French savoir-faire, Pauline Sampieri chooses to manufacture all her pieces in Paris, where they are handcrafted by talented craftsmen, guaranteeing exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality.


Pauline Sampieri values sustainability and ethical practices above all else. At the heart of her creative approach lies her deep commitment to using only natural diamonds, ethically sourced in accordance with the principles of the Kimberley Process. They are sourced from some of the most experienced traders, who maintain a network of trusted partners throughout the supply chain, and are audited and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

Each gem is carefully selected in high-end quality (F color, VS purity) to highlight its natural beauty and rarity, while respecting human rights.


"Natural diamonds are true treasures of the Earth, shaped by time and telling a story that goes back millions of years. They carry emotions and incomparable beauty that never stop inspiring me. Every diamond I select, every piece of jewelry I design, is a promise of brightness for both the eyes and the conscience." - Pauline Sampieri

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